As we approach bonfire night we would ask everyone to think about the hedgehogs and other wildlife. At this time of the year hedgehogs and other wildlife can often be found making a home in prepared bonfire. Many people gather the wood and materials for their bonfire weeks in advance of the night. This is plenty of time for a hedgehog to make a lovely home for itself amongst all the wood, it is also possible that they could enter hibernation at that time of the year. The safest way to ensure you do not have a hedgehog in your wood pile is to move it to the burn location on the day of the bonfire.

This isn’t always practical so other solutions, such as fencing off a bonfire, need to be considered. A ring of chicken mesh placed in a circle around the bonfire as it is being constructed should keep hedgehogs at bay. If a hedgehog has entered hibernation a casual look and prod of an existing bonfire, a few hours before lighting will not be enough to wake the hedgehog and allow it to leave. It can take up to 24 hours for a hedgehog to become fully awake and mobile, but even then it may not know the danger that awaits it. Please please please think of the hedgehogs.


  1. Nan

    It never occured to me there might be hedgehogs under the bonfire. I’ll certainly be more careful this year!

    • Prickles Admin

      Brilliant, please do help us spread the message!


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