Hydrotherapy for hedgehogs

Specially ordered for our hedgehogs Snowdrop was the first to try out the new paddling pool!

Snowdrop came in to us with a back leg injury, she would drag the entire hind leg with no flexion or forward movement. Our vet did not think that splinting would improve the leg but suggested hydrotherapy, after a few trial runs which were very successful we purchased a paddling pool to give her more space. After several short swimming sessions with us supporting her in the warm water and massaging the leg she was able to swim independently! Regular sessions since then have helped her build up strength in the leg and she now has full flexion both swimming and walking in the leg. She has made an incredible recovery and will shortly be released back into the wild.

With Snowdrops hydrotherapy being such a success we have started hydrotherapy with two of our other hedgehogs who also have injuries and weakness in hind legs, we are optimistic of full recoveries in both. Looks like the paddling pool could prove a very useful and much used resource!