Prickles and Paws is always striving to improve and we do this through research. We have close links with Newquay College and Exeter University Tremough Campus with whom we aim to run multiple research projects each year to improve both our practices and hedgehog conservation. We have also participated in internal studies, contributing samples and data.


Research interests

* Hedgehog internal parasites (diagnosis and parasitic relationships)

* Application of infrared cameras in the rescue setting to aid diagnosis and monitoring

* Habitat suitability in the rural and urban environments

* Hedgehog population surveying

* Prickles and Paws hedgehog database analysis – top causes for admittance and trends in admittance, parasites, survival…

We presently have one paper which has been published in a scientific journal and hope to contribute to further papers to help improve understanding, hedgehog welfare, conservation and survival.

Parasitic burdening and rehabilitation of the European hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus. South and Haynes (2018) European Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation.

mapping cornwall’s hedgehogs

We have teamed up under the umbrella of Operation Hedgehog, with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, ERRCIS, Cornwall Mammal Group and Tremough Campus to plan surveys this coming May across Cornwall Wildlife Trusts reserves using footprint tunnels. The May surveys are just the first round, we have big plans to slowly map sites all over Cornwall building a comprehensive picture of the state of Cornwall’s hedgehogs.

We are even more excited to announce that we will have 10 footprint tunnels of our own which after this survey we hope to use to assess potential new release sites but also loan out to supporters for a small fee to assess their location! More information on this soon but we very excited to get our supporters involved with contributing data whilst having fun and finding out just what mammals are visiting their gardens.


Please help by recording all your wildlife sightings on the ERCCIS app, for more info click here.