It All Started by Accident!

Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue is based in Cubert, just outside of Newquay in Cornwall. We are a small constituted charitable organisation, we not a registered charity yet, but we are working on it! As a family run charity we do not receive outside funds and support our work through fundraising, donations and grants. There are currently no staff salaries, the centre is run from the back garden of our family home, we rely upon donated time and a fantastic team of volunteers.
We are always asked how we began and the truth is by accident! We never set out to become the main hedgehog rescue in Cornwall, taking from almost all local vets, the RSPCA and the public. Officially we became Prickles and Paws in 2013 but we began years before with two little hoglets that were at weaning age. With a keen interest in wildlife we took the two on from a vets and have never looked back.

Stuff We Always Need...


We have an Amazon Wish List which we regularly update to reflect our needs at different times of the year.
If you have any other items such as hutches, towels or materials please contact us to see if we are currently in need.


We are always in need of:
Tinned cat or dog food (not fish based and preferably in Jelly as opposed to gravy, Pedigree chum loaf or puppy are favourites)
Dried cat food, Spikes World, or similar dried hedgehog food(or puppy food if the pieces are small)
Heavy duty bin liners
Anigene disinfectant
Gloves in varying sizes preferably nitrile
Marigold gloves (small and medium)


The majority of donations go towards medications and veterinary care, in 2016 the total cost was £2417. Much of our income goes towards food, with up to 30 tins of food used daily at our peak. Last year we bought an incubator and built two state of the art hutch systems. The plan for 2017 is to further develop our outside facilities, to include a covered area and soft release pens, as well as purchase a second incubator as there was high demand for it last summer!

Loving Care

We are always looking for volunteers to come along and help us with our daily clean out and weigh in, no previous experience is required. Our current volunteers range from a dentist to a beautician! There are other ways to get involved and help out from assisting with fundraising events and admin to school and community talks.

Gratefully Received…

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our contributors and to all of you who have donated time, supplies and money in support of our cause.

These beautiful little creatures desperately need our assistance in their fight for survival. It would be a tragedy for our countryside to lose these important members of our eco-system.

Thank You

Over 200 Little Critters admitted in 2017 so far…

Costa @ Waterstones

The amazing team at Costa Waterstones in Truro, led by manager Becci, have raised over £1100 since they began supporting us in July 2015. They act as a collection point for supplies for us which include cat and dog food, bin liners and paper towel. A team of lovely ladies have been producing knitted mittens, key rings and most recently finger puppets to sell in store, in the run up to Christmas on set days they can be watched at work knitting away. The store has a wall dedicated to us and hedgehogs with a range of information leaflets available.

Becci’s mum knitting mittens for sale!
All proceeds go towards fundraising.

Help A Poorly Hedgehog!

100% of your donation will go towards the support and care of injured and poorly hedgehogs, 
providing shelter, medications and veterinary care.