About Our Team

Prickles & Paws was founded by the South family and remains a family run charitable organisation supported by a board of trustees and a number of kind volunteers.

Katy South

“To blame for everything! I am the one who took in our first hedgehogs and started the whole process. I have completed a degree in Applied Zoology and am in the process of doing a Research Masters in Biological Sciences, based around using infrared technology with hedgehogs. I find working with the hedgehogs incredibly rewarding and hope to be able to develop Prickles and Paws into a full wildlife hospital in the future.”

Diane South

“ Definitely not a plan for retirement! After leaving a life in primary education behind, my wonderful daughter drew me into her venture. I would not have believed how fulfilling it could be and how much I have and continue to learn. Caring for the hedgehogs and educating others about them has now become a way of life, and one I would not change.”

Dave Hudson

Trustee and Volunteer
I joined Prickles and Paws about 18 months ago and have really never looked back, I began as a volunteer and just found myself getting more and more involved! I was delighted and honoured to be asked to become a trustee but I still love getting my hands dirty with the hedgehogs. It is incredibly rewarding and I cant imagine not having some prickly little friends in my life!

If you are interested in volunteering with us on a regular basis or for a specific period of time, please click here
All volunteers must be over the age of 16 for insurance purposes


Helen Jones

“The British countryside has always been an important part of my life, my Mum is a great gardener and spent many hours weeding, potting on and growing amazing vegetables and fruit. My Dad implanted a love of wildlife and outdoors from an early age. Being involved with Prickles & Paws has given me a chance to give something back and to show the same love of wildlife to my two young sons.”

Louisa Joslin

“It all started with Houdini who had found his way to a feeding station in my garden. At 300g he would not make it through the winter. Info from BHPS led me to Prickles and Paws. Sadly, and not through lack of trying, Houdini didn’t make it – I’d found him too late. But my initial contact with P&PHR had me hooked. I already had hedgehog houses and feeding stations in my garden so I was able to offer the garden as a release site along with a constant supply of food and water to support the local and relocated hogs. Be under no illusions that hogs are messy little devils, but they are also amazing creatures with big personalities and deserve every chance to keep visiting our gardens and roam the countryside. How could I pass up the chance to be a trustee?!”

Aarron Dingle

“Around 2 years ago I was approached by my manager (the General Manager of Camel Creek Adventure Park) and was asked if we could come up with a plan to help hedgehogs as he kept seeing the aftermath of road collisions on his way to work. My first thought was Prickles & Paws, I knew of the great work they were doing as I had recently graduated with Katy on the BSc Applied Zoology degree at Cornwall College Newquay. Since then I have been helping with fundraising and the release of the rehabilitated hogs. I was recently asked to join the team as a trustee and my aim is to help the organisation expand and continue the great work being done.”

Dr Thaís Martins

“I am a lecturer in Zoology at the Centre for Applied Zoology, Cornwall College Newquay and I was thrilled at the opportunity to volunteer for the Board of Trustees (yes, I volunteered!) of this wonderful family run charity. I have known Katy ever since she started her Foundation degree with us and I have watched her and Prickles and Paws grow from strength to strength. I hope that my experience in data analysis can offer the answers the centre needs to help more and more hedgehogs in the future.”

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If you are interested in volunteering with us on a regular basis or for a specific period of time,
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All volunteers must be over the age of 16 for insurance purposes.